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Timothy Kirkhope

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Timothy Kirkhope MEP

I am the Conservative MEP for Yorkshire and The Humber, Co-ordinator and Conservative Spokesman for Justice and Home Affairs, Vice Chair of the Special Committee on Organised Crime, and Member of the Culture and Education Committee in the European Parliament. I work in Europe for Yorkshire and The Humber.

EP Adopts Data Protection Regulation

Strasbourg, 12 March 2014 — The European Parliament Report on the reform of the European Data Protection reform was adopted today, by a large majority. Implementation of the new rules is still some way of though... Find out more

Money Laundering: Sunshine Is Best Disinfectant

Strasbourg, 11 March 2014 — A key package of measures to update European Anti-Money Laundering rules is approved... Find out more

Let's Give Bad EU Law The Red Card

Strasbourg, 4 February 2014 — I and my Conservative colleagues show our support to Legal Affairs Spokesman Sajjad Karim MEP who has drafted a report which suggests national parliaments should be able to veto EU law... Find out more

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