Our Security in the EU

As the European Conservative spokesman on Security and all Justice matters in the European Parliament I'm currently the author of two pieces of legislation, one dealing with a new EU PNR (Passenger Names Records) system which will help detection of major criminals and terrorists if they enter Europe anywhere.  This system uses the details of air passengers entering or travelling in Europe to identify, through patterns of behaviour, people who may be "of interest" to our Police or Intelligence Agencies. Without doubt it's going to enhance the vital and already developing co-operation between EU Intelligence Agencies and Police Forces to keep an eye on such people and to deter or detain them as appropriate before they can cause us any harm.

Simplifying the Treaty

In 25 March 2007, EU Leaders signed the Berlin Declaration. First and foremost, this document was intended as a celebration of the EU’s achievements to mark its fiftieth anniversary. Such a celebration is justified.