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Valletta sends out the wrong signal to economic migrants

By failing to reach a readmission agreement at the Valletta summit, the EU risks pumping aid into countries without any clear evidence either that it will reduce economic push factors, and no clear way of reducing the pull factors on economic migrants, Timothy Kirkhope MEP, ECR home affairs spokesman, said today.

Europe Needs a Dose of Migration Realism

How many times over the past few months have we been told that the European Union is on the verge of collapse, only for its leaders to offer a sticking-plaster solution that buys a little more time by rewriting the rules of the EU? Yet when it comes to the migration crisis, no amount of sticking-plaster that can cover it.

Kirkhope: predictions of three million more migrants highlights the need to prepare a realistic response

Responding to the European Commission forecast that up to three million more people could arrive in the EU by the end of next year, Timothy Kirkhope MEP, Conservative home affairs spokesman, said: “Year on year the EU is seeing huge increases in migrants arriving. If numbers are set to increase on this scale, there needs to be an understanding by EU leaders that Europe alone cannot solve a migrant crisis of this scale.

Data Protection: filling the post-Safe Harbour vacuum

Timothy speaks on the importance of balancing data protection with the right enviroment for Europe to remain a competitive trading block as MEPs vote to advance mass surveillance in the European Parliament this week.

Kirkhope writes to Commission urging action over Calais chaos

For many weeks now an important trans-European travel route from the UK to mainland Europe has been repeatedly blocked sometimes as a result of militant French trade unions, but mostly because of the trespassing and even tragic deaths of migrants desperate to leave Calais and enter the United Kingdom via the Channel Tunnel.

Kirkhope Speaks in Debate on Migration

This week Timothy spoke to Euronet Plus on the topic: "EU's lack of solidarity challenged by Balkan refugee road". You can watch the debate here.

Timothy Kirkhope on Security

As the Conservative Spokesman for Justice and Home Affairs in the European Parliament Timothy works on various reports which look to balance freedom and security.