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Step up efforts to combat child abuse online, MEPs say

The European Union needs to seriously step up its effort to tackle online child sexual abuse, by providing enforcement authorities with stronger tools and more resources, Timothy Kirkhope MEP, European Conservatives and Reformists Group home affairs spokesman, said today as the European Parliament adopted a call for increased effort.

Timothy Kirkhope Presents PNR Report

Today Mr Kirkhope presented his revised Passenger Name Records report to the Justice and Home Affairs Committee of the European Parliament.

Kirkhope: Court's prisoner ruling is disappointing

Responding to today's ECHR ruling on prisoner votes, Timothy Kirkhope MEP said: "While this is a technical ruling – it has no implications for the UK in terms of compensation or costs - it is still a disappointing one.

Passenger Name Records: rapporteur says we can find a way forward

Reports of a new proposal for an EU Passenger Name Records (PNR) system have been dismissed by the European Commission, whilst the European Parliament's lead MEP on the existing EU-PNR proposals has today called on other MEPs to cooperate with him to reach agreement.

After EU court ruling, EU needs a data retention directive better suited to a digital age

Today’s EU court ruling declaring the Data Retention Directive invalid requires an urgent new proposal to be brought forward by the commission that tackles concerns about blanket surveillance whilst continuing to allow law enforcement to be effective in a digital age, Timothy Kirkhope MEP, European Conservatives and Reformists Group home affairs spokesman, said today.

Let's Make Slavery A Thing Of The Past

At the end of 2013 the Government published its draft Modern Slavery Bill. It is the first draft Bill of its kind in Europe and will for the first time bring together the criminal offences of human trafficking and forced labour, slavery and servitude.

MEPs adopt ‘irresponsible’ report on NSA allegations

The European Parliament has today adopted a set of ‘irresponsible’ recommendations calling for anti-terror agreements with the US to be suspended and trade talks to be ‘held to ransom’ over the NSA allegations made by Edward Snowden.