European Border and Coastguard Regulation

Whilst the UK is not fully signed up to the FRONTEX Agency, or the new Border and Coast Guard; it has played an active and supportive role in the Agency’s operations over the years; and I very much hope this relationship can continue.

Speech during Joint Debate on the Data Protection Package

Data is the lifeblood of the global economy. New Data Protection legislation has thankfully ended up with far more sensible and workable ideas related to consent, fines, notification periods, scientific research, direct marketing and legitimate interests, and derogations for small and medium-sized businesses.

Speech on the Passenger Name Records Directive

The Passenger Name Records (PNR) Directive is an example of where we need more European cooperation, where we can pull together to protect our citizens against people who do not respect any legal boundaries or the rule of law. I ask the Parliament and its Members at the vote tomorrow to make a responsible decision, to restore some trust in our institutions by making the right decision.

Speaking on the Valetta Summit

  Timothy welcomed a number of the initiatives taken by those representing our interests at the Valetta Summit in Parliament today and insisted that Valetta should be seen as only a starting point for the further and more ambitious agreements we must arrive at in the future.  

Kirkhope Speaks on Mass Surveillance

Our rights and our freedoms must always be the compass which guides society.  These rights must always be defended with equal force to that which we use to defend our borders and our safety.