ECR Refuses To Support 'Highly Prejudiced' NSA Report

The European Parliament's self-appointed inquiry into the Edward Snowden allegations against the NSA today voted on a draft report of its findings. I voted against the so-called 'Moraes' report, named after the S&D colleague responsible for drafting it, because the Committee failed to carry out a serious and balanced investigation. Amongst other things, the report calls for EU interference into national security matters, despite the EU Treaties clearly stating they are a sovereighn national issue.

During the vote, I was not the only Member to find the report unpalatable. I was joined by a lot of other Members, some of them senior and responsible colleagues from the EPP Group. This report jeopardises many of the close collaborations we have on security matters with other Member States, of course such as the USA.

There were so many things wrong, not just with this report, but with the inquiry itself. This Committee has not been interested in finding out facts. It has just been the most expensive and painstaking exercise in collecting together press cuttings and allegations, and reacting with little consideration towards the security challenges we face. Anybody who has tried to raise a different view or who has insisted our work be based on facts has been shouted down. The end result is the most biased and highly prejudiced report I've ever seen from this parliament.

The parliament does not have any influence over national security. Long may that continue because many MEPs approach these matters in the most irresponsible way imaginable. It was telling that the majority who opposed it are those more familiar with the responsiblities and pressures of government.