European Border and Coastguard Regulation



Whilst the UK is not fully signed up to the FRONTEX Agency, or the new Border and Coast Guard; it has played an active and supportive role in the Agency’s operations over the years; and I very much hope this relationship can continue.

I have long been a supporter of the work of this Agency, and like others in this house, I have called many times for it to take a stronger role with enhanced mandate. A resilient and well managed external border benefits all European countries.

It protects freedom of movement, the Schengen area and crucially public confidence.

Greater communication between the Agency and national authorities, an efficient returns system and an emphasis on preparedness and prevention, are crucial ingredients in bringing much needed stability to tour present crisis.

Here we have a good result, and extend my congratulations to the Rapporteur and all involved.

I hope this Regulation is another step towards making the EU’s response in the area of asylum and migration both credible and effective.