Kirkhope: Court's prisoner ruling is disappointing

Responding to today's ECHR ruling on prisoner votes, Timothy Kirkhope MEP said:  "While this is a technical ruling – it has no implications for the UK in terms of compensation or costs - it is still a disappointing one.

"Our view has not changed – that prisoners forfeit their right to vote along with other freedoms when they commit the crimes that get them sent down.  It is they who break their contract with society, not the other way round. That is how the vast majority of the public in Britain see things too."

Mr Kirkhope, Conservative spokesman on justice and home affairs in the European Parliament, added: "The court is asking the UK  to bring forward legislation to address this issue, so that will have to be considered; but in the current mood I cannot see ballot boxes in prisons as something a Government will want to rush to provide."