Kirkhope: Hutchinson ruling means justice will be upheld

Timothy Kirkhope MEP today welcomed a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights rejecting an appeal by triple murderer Arthur Hutchinson against his whole-life sentence.


The Yorkshire MEP and Conservative spokesman on justice and home affairs in the European Parliament said the decision upheld the fairness of whole-life tariffs and meant Hutchinson would continue to receive the justice he deserved.


Hutchinson was jailed in 1984 for breaking into the Sheffield home of Basil and Avril Laitner on the day of their daughter's wedding, stabbing them to death and then killing their son.


Judges today rejected his appeal, saying the whole life tariff, imposed by then Home Secretary Leon Brittan, did not contravene Article 3 European Convention on Human Rights because the sentence was open to review.


Mr Kirkhope said: "Arthur Hutchinson's crimes sickened not only the people of Sheffield but the whole of the country.


"To people in Yorkshire he is notorious as a figure of unmitigated evil. He treated his victims with a complete lack of mercy. There can be no regrets if our criminal justice system treats him likewise.


"It is never very edifying when the likes of Hutchinson, who showed such disregard for humanity outside prison, complains about his human rights inside.

"The ruling recognises the fairness and justice of our system of whole life tariffs and the review procedures that go with them. It means Arthur Hutchinson will continue to be dealt with as he deserves