Kirkhope speaking on EU renegotation




It is my view that the UK proposals, that we now have, are the basis of a good deal, a deal which includes all four of my Prime Minister's issues, and which, with this progress, could be convincingly put to the British people.

Of course, this will never please those who have always wanted to leave the EU regardless.

But, nor will it be music to the ears of euro-federalists.

Some of the details still need to be worked out and there are still some matters that require further discussion. But if we can finalise this work in the upcoming European council, then we have a deal that I would welcome.

But I think we should emphasise that any good deal must also be just the start of wider long term reform for the European continent and that reform must not just be for the benefit of the UK, but for the prosperity and security of the whole EU and for generations to come.