Kirkhope speaking on the incoming Dutch Presidency

Presidents, Ministers, Commissioners,

Rarely have there been tougher times than the EU is facing now, so it's a tough time hold the presidency.

A security crisis, a migrant crisis, a Europe in need of economic recovery, and renegotiations with the UK;

But I'm an optimist and we can overcome these challenges; and I am encouraged by the Dutch Presidency's key proposal to chair a Union that focuses on the essentials.

It may not be the most dynamic of aims for any Presidency but doing less and doing it better, and aiming for simplicity over grand gestures is the key to good law making, and finding the necessary solutions to our collective challenges.

As rapporteur for the migrant relocation mechanism. I encourage a sensible and measured approach to the upcoming proposals of Dublin, the Schengen code, resettlement, and Security; and I hope that this is the Presidency that will also deliver the better regulation for a better Europe that we all seek.