Kirkhope thanks outgoing Luxembourg Presidency

President, Minister, Mr Juncker,

I would like to thank the Presidency for all of their work and cooperation in helping reach a conclusion on the EU-PNR Agreement. This was one of the most challenging files this Parliament has seen, in the most challenging of times.

I would like to ask this parliament to adopt the EU-PNR Directive as soon as possible. There is no need for more delays; the sooner we adopt the instruments the sooner member states can start implementing them. Lives, liberties, and security are all at stake.

I also speak as the rapporteur of the EU permanent relocation mechanism. This next presidency will guide us on a number of issues; Dublin, the border force, and ECRIS.

Of course we need fresh and new ideas, and I welcome them in a system which is bogged down in complexity and compromise; but I urge the President of the Commission to do the thing we need most; to implement; what we already have available.

Many of the issues we face are a direct result of the breakdown of applying existing rules, and there are inevitably consequences.

Laws without meaningful implementation are useless. And I hope that will be a focus in the next few months.