The latest tragedies in the Mediterranean and EU migration and asylum policies

Europe must act decisively.


Every effort should be made to save lives, create stability in conflict regions, and assist Member States overwhelmed by the challenges they face; but many in this Parliament believe that the solution lies in more forms of legal migration and binding quotas. My group did not sign the joint resolution because such action merely addresses the symptoms not the cause.


I believe Member States need to commit more resources and offer more humanitarian resettlement and aid. We need efficient asylum processing and expedient returns system. FRONTEX, EUROPOL and EASO need to be better equipped. 


The most lives will be saved by not allowing trafficked vessels to depart in the first place and cutting off the fortunes made by human traffickers. This needs cooperation with third countries to be achieved.


True and meaningful Solidarity is gained through trust, a moral imperative, and a sense of responsibility which can never be created through compulsion.