Timothy Kirkhope visits Britvic Factory after its recent expansion

MEP Timothy Kirkhope (Yorkshire and the Humber) paid a visit to Britvic’s Leeds factory to see the £25m expanded bottling plant where over 200 people are employed.  The recent expansion has created 40 extra jobs for local people. Timothy was particularly impressed also with the 5.5m noise-deflecting ‘acoustic’ fence at the site following initial objections from neighbours about potential noise from the 24/7 operation. Timothy was shown around the factory by Britvic’s Leeds Site Manager Mark Young and their Corporate Affairs Manager Laura Flynn. “It is pleasing to come across development that takes into account those living in direct proximity to such factories: Britvic are to be commended for engagement with the local community and indeed their general employing philosophy of encouraging their workforce to develop and further their skills base,” Timothy said.