Timothy Re-elected As Conservative MEP

Timothy Kirkhope was re-elected as Member for Yorkshire & The Humber on behalf of the Conservative Party in the European Elections. The region returned 6 MEPs: the others were 3 from UKIP, two from Labour.

UKIP topped the poll and will take 24 MEPs to Brussels. Labour will have 20, with the Conservatives taking 19.

The Liberal Democrats, who sit in the ALDE group, were reduced to only one MEP, Catherine Bearder in the South East. 

Timothy said:

"I'd like to thank the Conservative Party and all the volunteers who helped to get me elected. There has been a huge effort.

"I'm very sorry that we could not get more seats in the region, and I'd like to thank the Conservative Euro Team: Alex Story, John Proctor, Carolyn Abbott, Michael Naughton and Ryan Stephenson; their hard work and dedication during the campaign has been crucial to getting our Conservative message out; I wish them all the best for their future. They will be back. 

"We knew that this was going to be a tricky election being in Government and taking tough decisions during a period of economic hardship. But our core support have by and large stood by us, and I think that is because they can see that the Conservative long-term plan for the economy is working.

"On the doorstep we heard time and again that people appreciated David Cameron's pledge to give them a referendum on membership of the EU.

"But we also saw a sea change in the results for UKIP and for the Lib Dems. We must see this for what it is: a message of deep frustration by the voters and an indication that more work needs to be done to explain and reform our relationship with the EU. 

"But this is not a time for panic. Our economy is growing and our reform negotiations will get underway shortly. In the next few months the European Parliament will be working out its priorities for the next five years: those must take into account the message of the elections - the European 'project' must take the people with it; it needs to reform; and it must show that it can play an important role in improving the lives of its citizens.

"There are already signs that the Parliament is willing to move in another direction."