Kirkhope: Court's prisoner ruling is disappointing

Responding to today's ECHR ruling on prisoner votes, Timothy Kirkhope MEP said: "While this is a technical ruling – it has no implications for the UK in terms of compensation or costs - it is still a disappointing one.

Kirkhope: Hutchinson ruling means justice will be upheld

The Yorkshire MEP and Conservative spokesman on justice and home affairs in the European Parliament said the decision upheld the fairness of whole-life tariffs and meant Hutchinson would continue to receive the justice he deserved.

Passenger Name Records: rapporteur says we can find a way forward

Reports of a new proposal for an EU Passenger Name Records (PNR) system have been dismissed by the European Commission, whilst the European Parliament's lead MEP on the existing EU-PNR proposals has today called on other MEPs to cooperate with him to reach agreement.

Timothy Re-elected As Conservative MEP

Timothy Kirkhope was re-elected as Member for Yorkshire & The Humber on behalf of the Conservative Party in the European Elections. The region returned 6 MEPs: the others were 3 from UKIP, two from Labour.