Out and About in Yorkshire

I've been visiting regional businesses in order to talk to them and get feedback on what employers and employees need from the European Union. 

After EU court ruling, EU needs a data retention directive better suited to a digital age

Today’s EU court ruling declaring the Data Retention Directive invalid requires an urgent new proposal to be brought forward by the commission that tackles concerns about blanket surveillance whilst continuing to allow law enforcement to be effective in a digital age, Timothy Kirkhope MEP, European Conservatives and Reformists Group home affairs spokesman, said today.

Let's Make Slavery A Thing Of The Past

At the end of 2013 the Government published its draft Modern Slavery Bill. It is the first draft Bill of its kind in Europe and will for the first time bring together the criminal offences of human trafficking and forced labour, slavery and servitude.

MEPs adopt ‘irresponsible’ report on NSA allegations

The European Parliament has today adopted a set of ‘irresponsible’ recommendations calling for anti-terror agreements with the US to be suspended and trade talks to be ‘held to ransom’ over the NSA allegations made by Edward Snowden.

Money Laundering: Sunshine Is Best Disinfectant

I'm delighted that a report I drafted was adopted today, with 627 Members voting in favour, 33 voting against and 18 abstaining.The Regulation on fund transfers is one of two proposals that make up the 4th Anti-Money Laundering Package.

Kirkhope's Appearance on Polish TV

I appeared on Telewizja Polska's program The European Debate today, which this week focussed on the situation in Ukraine. Below is my videoblog about it.

Arrest Warrants, E-Cigs And More

I spoke in the debate on Wednesday on the European Arrest Warrant. I praised Sarah Ludford for her work on a report which calls for a much-needed dose of realism on the measure.

Transparency Register Will Be Targeted

A letter, which I sent to the Editor of The Daily Telegraph in reponse to an article on EU anti-money laundering measures, was published this weekend.

ECR Refuses To Support 'Highly Prejudiced' NSA Report

The European Parliament's self-appointed inquiry into the Edward Snowden allegations against the NSA today voted on a draft report of its findings. I voted against the so-called 'Moraes' report, named after the S&D colleague responsible for drafting it, because the Committee failed to carry out a serious and balanced investigation. Amongst other things, the report calls for EU interference into national security matters, despite the EU Treaties clearly stating they are a sovereighn national issue.